Winter 2017-2018 Newsletter: For the Sake of Maine Lakes

Winter on Long Pond, photo by Dick Greenan

Welcome to the Maine Lakes Society Winter 2017-2018 Newsletter,

For the Sake of Maine Lakes

“At the end of October, Maine was hit with a one-two punch that began with the remains of a rapidly moving tropical depression that brought torrential rains one week followed by a hybrid storm a few days later, created when a second tropical depression combined with a strong upper level jet stream trough. That brought more rain and very high winds, resulting in massive damage to trees already weakened by the warm, dry fall. Large oak trees, which still had their foliage, lost large branches or snapped their trunks while shallowrooted trees like white pines were uprooted from the saturated soils. This was especially true in exposed areas such as the edge of roadways so there was extensive damage to power lines that resulted in hundreds of thousands of power outages across the state, more than 500 of whom are still without power ten days later. I got to spend several days without power and clean, running water, two things we usually take for granted and was struck by how much more value we place on things when we suddenly don’t have them. I began collecting buckets of rainwater to flush toilets, took out my chainsaw and began laying in more wood for the woodstove and helping the neighbors clear downed trees. Neighbors with generators offered up occasional hot showers and, by working together, eventually we all weathered the storm…” Read the full Newsletter here.

Inside this Newsletter Issue:

  • President’s Letter
  • Water is a Non-Partisan Issue
  • Lake Stewardship Awards
  • Maine COLA
  • LakeSmart/StreamSmart
  • Lakes Alive
  • Martha Steward’s Lake Calendar
  • 2018 Conference Date & Location


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