Alewives: A Wildlife Workshop


Photo Credit: International Joint Commission (Bill Curtsinger)

Alewives: The Once and Future River Herring

The story of alewives is rich in history since these fish were an important spring staple for Native Americans and European settlers, captured as the fish returned from the ocean to their natal rivers and lakes to spawn. Alewives were not just coastal species, but also penetrated deep into the interior of Maine to their spawning and rearing lakes.

Today their travels are blocked by numerous dams, many of which are relicts from Maine’s lumbering and industrial past. Climate change is producing conditions more challenging for river herring as timing of spring and summer rains shift and snowfall decreases. Come learn about the alewife’s ecological role in lake and river ecosystems, the modern challenges they face, and how their restoration may improve the water quality of inland lakes.

Learn more at the conference in the workshop ‘Desperate Alewives’ scheduled @ 1:30pm in Track B.

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