What steps does it take to host a LakeSmart Program?

Lake Association Partnerships

Maine Lakes Society- Maine’s statewide membership organization dedicated to protecting Maine’s lakes, ponds and watersheds, administers LakeSmart through its network of 130 active lake association members.

First, we ask that the lake association, road association or watershed group commit to participating in the program for at least three years. This means that the organization votes to fulfill the following expectations:

  • Appoint volunteers to fill the positions of program Coordinator and Property Screener(s).
  • Agree to provide the board’s full support to its LakeSmart volunteers and program.
  • Publicize LakeSmart in newsletters and on the organization’s website if there is one, post information in public gathering places, and share LakeSmart information at road/lake association meetings.
  • Publicly recognize and thank ALL homeowners who participate in the program, for every level of LakeSmart achievement, whether Award or Commendation.
  • Report on program activity as it occurs, and provide a summary report by October 15.

Second, we expect the association’s Coordinator and Screener(s) to

  • Attend a full-day training in Summer 2018- see training dates here
  • Fulfill the tasks listed in job descriptions for Coordinator and Screener;
  • Understand that the LakeSmart evaluation is not a one-time pass/fail exam, but the start of a relationship between the lake association and the landowner that will lead to better lake protection over time

For more information, contact the Maine Lakes Society at:   mlsadmin@mainelakessociety.org or 207-495-2301

Or write to PO Box 477, Belgrade Lakes, Maine 04918