Stephanie’s Sense of Place

Like many of us, Stephanie and Jim Turner realized a cherished dream the day they bought a lakeside place in Maineand named it “Our Song.”  Childhood summers spent with her grandparents near a small Maine pond left Stephanie with tantalizing memories of walking with them to the lake, catching glimpses of the beckoning water through the trees ahead, listening to birdsongs her grandmother repeated as they made their way along a dusty road and ecstatically reached the shore at last.

Eager to return, through intervening years Stephanie thought a lot about what her lakeside home should be.  Living by a lake meant so much more to her than just being on the water that her picture would not be right without wildlife, especially birds, and the certain knowledge she was doing no harm.  Her garden would have to be beautiful, but it would also help the lake and life dependent on it.

The August day we evaluated ‘Our Song’, its garden was alive with butterflies and loud with bees and birdsong. It was beautiful. And it was LakeSmart.

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