Sad News from the Land of 10,000 Lakes

No Swimmable Lakes in Minnesota’s Southwest Corner

Rivers, streams and lakes in Minnesota’s six primarily agricultural southwestern counties are no longer swimmable and fishable, according to  this report from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MCPA).

Four watersheds that drain into the Missouri River, separated from the rest of the state by the Buffalo Ridge geological formation, are so degraded by nitrates, bacteria and sediment that they can support neither recreational use nor aquatic habitat.

In Maine, we have a chance to avoid tragic outcomes like this. While we don ‘t have the same predominance of agricultural uses on the landscape that exists in southwest Minnesota, unwise residential development on many of Maine’s lake shores is having an impact that, if left unchecked, could result in similarly dire conditions for water quality. Fortunately,  the Maine Lakes Society has a three-pronged program to SAVE MAINE LAKES.

LakeSmart mobilizes private landowners to address the stressors that have led to these degraded conditions in Minnesota – so let’s all get LakeSmart and ensure our precious Maine lakes are protected from polluted runoff.  Lakes Alive! engages youth in lake learning – they will become tomorrow’s lake stewards. Our advocacy defends and extends the protection of Maine’s fragile lakes, ponds and watersheds – YOU can have a voice in shaping Maine’s laws.

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