Phosphorus levels in lakes, rivers and other freshwater bodies

When the edges of a lake become green, as pictured below, we are not inclined to be thrilled with this type of green. As we work to protect Maine’s lakes and other bodies of water, we have been noticing a large amount of algae blooms due to an increasing amount of phosphorous in the water.

“Human activities are driving phosphorus levels in the world’s lakes, rivers and other freshwater bodies to a critical point. The freshwater bodies on 38 percent of Earth’s land area (not including Antarctica) are overly enriched with phosphorus, leading to potentially toxic algal blooms and less available drinking water, researchers report January 24 in Water Resources Research.” –BY CAROLYN GRAMLING posted in Science News.

Read more HERE from Science News


Help stop phosphorus loading to Maine waters. Join us Wednesday for the Water Rally at the Capitol!”

April 4th, 2018 from Noon – 1pm
Where: Capitol Building in Augusta, Maine.

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