New Source to Battle Invasive Aquatic Plants

The Maine Lakes Society’s new tool to Battle Invasive Aquatic Plants is through the sales of our Milfoil Stickers.

Maine Lakes Society Stop Invasive Plants

Our new tool to help you fund prevention and management of invasive aquatic plants is with the 3-color, vinyl, weather-proof sticker for canoes and kayaks. This shows support for Milfoil control, love of the lake, and helps you spread the word about the importance of controlling invasive aquatic plants. We make them available to you at cost plus handling for 35 cents each, and our suggested retail price is to sell them for $5.00.

How to Order: Download and print out this Passive Craft Order Form

Indicate the quantity (we’re selling them by packs of 100 for $35 a pack), mail the form back to us, and the Maine Lakes Society will ship them to you.

For more info- call our office at (207) 495-2301.