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There’s lots to learn about being LakeSmart, and you can pick up a great deal on your own!

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Portland Water District: NewsTab: Publications are used widely in the LakeSmart program:

On your browser, go to and select from ‘drop down list’ Environmental Fact Sheets “Apply”. This series contains illustrated instructions for most LakeSmart BMP’s and Plants.

  • Best Management Practices, otherwise known as ‘The BMP’s’: Construction BMP’s; Dripline Trench; Dry Wells; Erosion Control Mix; Infiltration Steps; Infiltration Trench; Lake Shoreline Riprap; Live Staking; Open Top Culvert; Paths and Walkways; Permitting; Pervious Pathway; Planting and Maintaining Buffers; Rain Barrels; Rain Garden; Rubber Razors, Turnouts; Waterbar;
  • Descriptions of native plants for varying conditions such as sun/shade, damp/dry locations:
  • “Lakes Like Less Lawn”: Environmental Landscaping for Water Quality published by the Portland Water District. See 2017 edition on pwd.web site.
  • 2014 version “Lakes Like Less Lawn” see this MLS blog of June 4 2014.   Environmental Landscaping for Water Quality published by the Portland Water District. Published June 4 2014 in our blog entry.

Maine Department of Environmental Protection; DEP; … For a series of web pages on:

All earth moving activity within 250 feet from the high water line of great ponds must be done by a DEP certified contractor. It’s the law and it applies to all great ponds starting January 2013!


Better Back Roads Manual, Vermont


  • Ecological Landscaping Association:
  • Sustainable landscape professional in your area: or
  • Maine Landscape professionals committed to ecological, sustainable products and practices in their work, Ecological Landscaping Association website:
  • Building healthy soil and erosion control:
  • List of Landscapers and Nurseries trained in LakeSmart Practices:

  •  LakeSmart Tips:

LakeSmart is a Program of the Maine Lakes Society