Lakes Alive!, Maine Lakes’ youth education program, is designed to develop future lake stewards.  Its goal is to engage youth in hands-on lake learning and cultivate their interest in  lake dynamics so that they will support freshwater conservation as adults.

Tmlrc-visit-mt-vernon-may-18-2016-005he Society’s 30 foot floating classroom, equipped with field tested, place-based learningmaterials and activities, delivers a powerful learning experience. Immersed in the lake surroundings, participants directly observe and analyze the vitality and interdependence of lake systems and quickly see how environmental stewardship supports biodiversity and good water quality. Through hands-on activities that explore such topics as lake ecology, food webs, and the water cycle, the Melinda Ann’s passengers use a secchi disk to measure water clarity, a benthic dredge to look for mayfly nymphs, and a camera-mounted ROV to transmit images of freshwater clams growing on the lake bottom. Engaged in the life of the lake, students develop a personal motivation to become good environmental stewards. You can learn more about the Lakes Alive! program in-classroom and outdoor activities through the links below!

Lakes Alive Program Summary – 2016

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