Maine Lakes could really use your help next Wednesday to pass this bill. Your grandchildren will thank you for it.

LD 40 Bans Fertilizer Next to Lakes

Mary Kretchmer, 8, along with her Dad, did an experiment with some water from the lake they monitor in New Hampshire. They added 1 teaspoon of 36/6/6/ fertilizer to one jar of Lake Wentworth water, none to another, put the 2 jars on a windowsill, stirred daily, and waited four weeks to see what would happen.

The two jars show Mary Kretchmer’s results.pond water experimentalger bloom in lake

The same thing could happen to waters here in Maine if we don’t take care of them.

Naturally forested lake shorelands have kept Maine’s lake water quality high until recent years.  Today’s population pressures, accelerated by longer growing seasons and intense, more frequent rain events, threaten to affect our pristine waters in the ways shown at left.  A recent satellite study of Maine lakes bore this out when it showed that many Maine lakes lost as much as 20% of their clarity between 1990 and 1995.

Unless we work together to shield our lakes from pollutants, water quality will decline.

PLEASE Set aside next Wednesday afternoon, March 18th, to Stand Up for Maine Lakes by speaking at a hearing for this bill before the Environment and Natural Resources Committee.  These lakes belong to all of us.  Half of us use them every year and an equal number of us get our drinking water from them.  None of us need a rocket scientist to tell us that banning the use of fertilizer within 50 feet of our lakes is a good idea.

Steps to Take  Write testimony (you’ll need 25 copies) to hand to the Clerk of the Committee when it’s your turn at the podium in Room 216 of the Cross Office Building (next to the Capitol) in Augusta. Arrive at 12:30; the Hearing starts at 1 pm. If you can’t show up, please write out your testimony, send it via email to Tyler Washburn is clerk of the Environment and Natural Resources Committee.  He will distribute it to the elected representatives on the committee for you.

Thanks from all of us at the Maine Lakes Society,

Maggie Shannon
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