Contacting Your Legislators

Maine Lakes Society’s Legislative Alerts will inform you of the LD (bill) numbers of bills and their provisions which Maine Lakes is asking you to support. The alert will include instructions on how to testify and/or direct your views via emails or letters to the relevant members in the Legislature. This is a critical opportunity to express your thoughts and feelings about a given bill, but the sooner you do so, the better.

Each bill (LD) will have been referred to one of the Legislature’s Joint Standing Committees (for example: Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry; Labor; Taxation, etc.), which then holds a public hearing which you may attend. In addition, each bill (LD) in most instances appears on the floor of the House and Senate a total of at least six days before final passage by the Legislature.


Click this Link for Hints on Contacting Legislators

Contact Your Senator

Find the name of your Senator here: Contact your Senator

Then call or mail to the addresses below:

3 State House Station
Augusta, Maine 04333

Toll Free: (800) 423-6900
Main Line: (207) 287-1540
Fax Line: (207) 287-1900

Contact your Representative

Locate your Representative on the alphabetical listing. Click on the Representative’s e-mail link. This will create a new e-mail message for you to fill out and send.

Contact your U.S. Senator

This link will take you to the U.S. Senate page where you can e-mail your state’s senator.

If you choose to contact legislators by regular mail, note the following:

Letters to any of the Maine Senatoirs or Representatives are extremely effective. Address them to:

Representative NAME,  House of Representatives, 2 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0002


Senator NAME, Maine Senate, 3 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0003

Efficacy Tips:

  • Please include your name and address so that the legislator can respond.
  • Personal visits are also valuable.
  • Personal postcards, phone calls and well written letters all help.
  • Be sure to tell your legislator why you support or oppose a measure.

If you choose to contact them by telephone:

Maine House of Representatives: 1-800-423-2900

Maine Senate: 1-800-423-6900

You will have an opportunity to leave a voice message. Give your name, the town you live in, your phone number, and clearly state the issue about which you are calling. It’s helpful to write out your thoughts first.