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When Was Ice Out on Your Lake?

          There’s a great new way to keep track of the ice-out date on your lake or pond!     It’s a new website: When the ice goes out on your lake (or even … Continue reading

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The Boater’s Guide to Maine Boating Laws and Responsibilities

To download the .pdf, click here: me_handbook_entire

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A Lake in Winter

We all love our favorite lake in summer. Skies are blue; the lake is blue; the trees are green. But a lake in winter has a different kind of beauty. What does your favorite lake look like in winter? Send … Continue reading

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Lakes as Sentinels of Change

LAKES AS SENTINELS OF CHANGE   The idea that lakes integrate signals from the environment is hardly new. Massive fish kills in our nation’s most polluted waters prompted passage of the Clean Water Act forty years ago, and lake managers … Continue reading

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