Protect Water Resources (LD 178)

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Toni Pied and Tamara Whitmore of Friends of the Cobbossee Watershed demonstrated for LD 178 at the State House on April 4, 2018.

With 1 click you can help double NPS funds-$10M over 5 Years!

Add your voice to theirs by signing on to this electronic petition today!

It will carry your support for clean and healthy water to the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee. That committee will vote up or down very soon on our $5M Bond to Provide Jobs, Improve Infrastructure and Protect Water Resources (LD 178) as well as a $50M Bond to Fund Wastewater Infrastructure Projects (LD 1510). 178 will double funds for stormwater abatement (think 319 projects), and 1510 deals with very serious point sources- septic overflows. It’s going to be a close thing! Our waters – from small streams to the gulf – need our help.

This is a rare chance to do so much good with just one click! Please sign on.

With many thanks,

Maggie Shannon, Maine Lakes Society

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VT Research puts pricetag on clean water

Economic risks justify action

Here in Maine we know all too well how much summer tourism effects our economy. And as we prepare for another busy summer, these findings state some crucial points on environmental concerns for our lakes, jobs and homes along the water fronts.

“These findings show that water quality in Lake Champlain and its surrounding basin is more than just an environmental concern,” says Voigt, a researcher at UVM’s Gund Institute and Rubenstein School. “It’s a major economic issue that affects homeowners, businesses and employees.”

“According to the study, Vermont lakeside communities would lose $16.8 million in economic activity and 200 full-time jobs – in July and August alone – for every one-meter (three-foot) decrease in water clarity.”

News Release: Research puts price tag on clean water

Read more HERE

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Phosphorus levels in lakes, rivers and other freshwater bodies

When the edges of a lake become green, as pictured below, we are not inclined to be thrilled with this type of green. As we work to protect Maine’s lakes and other bodies of water, we have been noticing a large amount of algae blooms due to an increasing amount of phosphorous in the water.

“Human activities are driving phosphorus levels in the world’s lakes, rivers and other freshwater bodies to a critical point. The freshwater bodies on 38 percent of Earth’s land area (not including Antarctica) are overly enriched with phosphorus, leading to potentially toxic algal blooms and less available drinking water, researchers report January 24 in Water Resources Research.” –BY CAROLYN GRAMLING posted in Science News.

Read more HERE from Science News


Help stop phosphorus loading to Maine waters. Join us Wednesday for the Water Rally at the Capitol!”

April 4th, 2018 from Noon – 1pm
Where: Capitol Building in Augusta, Maine.

Read our post here for more info or follow us on Facebook!

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Water Rally

Water rally April 4th- join us to Protect Maine Lakes!

When: Wednesday, April 4th, 2018 from Noon – 1pm

Where: Capitol Building in Augusta, Maine.

misty island Maine 

What’s this about? Supporting LD 178, a $5 million bond to protect our lakes, streams, rivers and coastal waters.

Why is it important? The bond doubles state funding for projects that keep our water safe and clean.

What should I do? Round up some friends and get to the plaza between the Capitol and the Cross Office Building by 11:45 next Wednesday. Wear blue to show legislators and the public that protecting water is really important. If you get into it, you can make signs about protecting lakes, loons and fish.

How long will it take? Less than an hour.

Tell me more about the bond. LD 178 will fund contractor jobs, improve road infrastructure and protect water resources. It directs $1 million a year for 5 years to the Department of Environmental Protection’s Nonpoint Source Pollution Program, a.k.a. the 319 Grant Program.

Anything else I should know? The Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee will vote on the bond in mid-April. Please write your Senator and your Representative urging them to support LD 178.

You have a voice; our lakes don’t. They need you to speak for them.

Can I talk to someone about this? Yes, call us at (207) 495-2301 Monday- Friday 9am-5pm.


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