There are three ways you can influence the outcome of a bill in Maine’s Legislature.


The most powerful way is to appear in person before a legislative committee and speak about a bill. Our Legislative Alerts (sign up here) will provide the date, time, and place when committees are hearing the highest priority bills that affect Maine’s lakes.

While testifying in person can seem overwhelming, we can assure you that legislators are friendly and the atmosphere in the committee rooms is almost always congenial and welcoming. Legislators listen to a lot of lobbyists, but they really like to hear from “regular” people who are passionate about a bill.  For directions to the capitol and tips on writing and delivering testimony, click here.


If your legislator is on the committee, writing a letter is another great way to share your thoughts on a particular bill. Our Legislative Alerts will provide a list of Committee Members for a particular bill, or you can see Committee assignments here: web site.  For tips on effective letters, click here (Coming Soon). If you don’t have a legislator on the committee, send written letters in care of the Committee Clerk, and he or she will deliver it to all Committee Members. Addresses are:

  • House of Representatives, 2 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0002
  • Maine State Senate, 3 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0003


Another way to influence a bill is to call your legislator, or meet with them face-to-face. For individual cell phone numbers, click here for Senators or here for Representatives. There are also general numbers for the house (1-800-423-2900) and senate (1-800-423-6900) if you have trouble getting through to individuals. For tips on talking to your legislator, click here. (Coming Soon)


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