There are three ways to have an impact on a bill.  The most powerful is to appear in person and testify about it.  We will notify all who sign up for Legislative Alerts when hearings on important lake bills are taking place.  If you want to participate this way, allow plenty of time to park and find the Committee Hearing Room before the scheduled Hearing is to start.  Prepare 20 copies of your statement which should be brief.  Include about 3 points. Be sure to identify yourself, tell where you live and speak honestly about why lakes are important to you.  Here’s a map showing the Cross Office Building, the Capitol, and nearby parking.  Address your testimony to the two Co-Chairs and the Members of the Committee.  It is customary to begin with, Senator Jones and Representative Smith and Distinguished Members of the Such-and-Such Committee.

It is also effective to write to the Committee hearing the bill.  A quick check of the Maine State web site will show you the names of Committee Members and the Committee Clerk.  Send your letter in care of the clerk and she will deliver it to the Committee Members

A third method is to call your own legislator and talk to him or her about the bill.  Here’s the Senators page, and one for the Representatives.  Find the link to your representatives and get in touch with them.

If you want to follow along by radio, you can go to the Committee page at the time of the hearing and you will find a link to the audio service that lets you hear the discussion.