“Does it Rain in Maine?”

Storm on Rangeley Lake by Robert Cadigan

Well, does it rain in Maine? That’s what Kennebec Senator Tom Saviello quipped when asked if he supports the $5M Water Bond that will stop stormwater in its tracks, provide jobs for contractors and repair roads and culverts if the 128th Legislature passes LD 178 this month. We wish all lawmakers were as well-informed about the costs and dangers of nonpoint source pollution and the importance of stopping it as Senator Saviello, but they aren’t!

That’s why lake activists went to Augusta in early April. Like Ross and Bunny Westcott pictured with their Representative, Jessica Fay of Raymond (a supporter), they came to lobby on behalf of their lake.

If you missed the event, don’t pine or balsam, click on this petition to the Committee that will vote on the Bond in 2 weeks! Alternatively, write your senator and your representative directly.

For more facts about the Bond, take a look at this list of talking points for LD 178.

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