What does it take to participate in LakeSmart?

What does it take to participate in LakeSmart?

First, we ask that the lake association, road association or watershed group commit to participating in the program for at least three years by a vote of its board of directors. This means that the organization votes to fulfill the following expectations:

  • Appoint volunteers to fill the positions of program coordinator and property screener(s).
  • Agree to provide the board’s full support to its LakeSmart volunteers and program.
  • Publicize LakeSmart in newsletters and on the organization’s website if there is one, post information in public gathering places, and share LakeSmart information at road/lake association meetings.
  • Publicly recognize and thank ALL homeowners who participate in the program, for  EVERY level of LakeSmart achievement.
  • Report on program activity each month, and provide a summary report  by September 15.

Second, we require the willing participation of the association’s coordinator and property screener(s). These individuals should commit to administering the program on behalf of their association for the program’s first three years;  fulfill the tasks included in the  job descriptions; and participate in roundtable discussions at the end of the season to improve the overall LakeSmart program and its implementation on their home lake. They should expect to:

  • Attend a full-day training in June;
  • Agree to fulfill the tasks listed in job descriptions for coordinator and screeners;
  • Support the LakeSmart policy that a LakeSmart visit is not a one-time pass/fail exam, but the start of a partnership between the lake association and the landowner that will result in successful lake protection as the program matures over time.

Who Administers LakeSmart?

The Maine Lakes Society, Maine’s only statewide membership organization dedicated to protecting Maine’s lakes, ponds and watersheds, administers LakeSmart through its network of 130 active lake association members.


• Attend LakeSmart training;
• Plan to conduct a minimum of 5 site visits per summer, allowing 2 to 3 hours each, including write-up and sending to Coordinator;
• Perform screenings and turn in all screening documentation, including photos, promptly;
• Check in with Coordinator regularly to receive assignments;
• Make appointment with property owner;
• Conduct the property screening. Take photos. Thank the homeowner, explain the process, answer questions, and if appropriate make recommendations in person or by written communication afterwards;
• Send completed electronic form and photos to the Coordinator within 1 week of screening date. If the property is a candidate for an award, send photos and form to him/her so that the Coordinator can forward the materials to the Maine Lakes Society evaluator;
• Participate in occasional team meetings as required by coordinator and try to attend post-program evaluation with the Maine Lakes Society in September.

• Attend training session for LakeSmart Screeners and Evaluators.
• Maintain spreadsheet or other record to track program activity (evaluation requests, screener or evaluator to whom the property has been assigned, action dates, property location, owner contact information, commendation and award status). The Maine Lakes Society furnishes a template for this.
• Contact all property owners who have expressed interest in a LakeSmart visit or who might be prospects. Thank these individuals for their interest in protecting the lake and find out the best times for site visit.
• Assign properties to Screeners and pass on scheduling information if property owner has expressed a preference of time and date.
• Track forms and photographs for all completed site visits, review for completeness, update information on spreadsheet, copy packages and file.
• Forward award candidates to the Maine Lakes Society for review and action.
• Recommended Follow-up (Mentoring): routinely review status of evaluations, and contact evaluators and screeners for updates from property owners. Check with former award-winners and commendation recipients, if association decides to support ongoing partnership with homeowners for continuous shoreland improvement.

For more information, contact the Maine Lakes Society
207-495-2301 P O Box 477, Belgrade Lakes, Maine 04918