We’re excited about LoonSmart, our new partnership with the Maine Audubon Society to recognize homeowners whose practices protect loon habitat!  The more inclusive distinction is open to all homeowners who qualify for the prestigious LakeSmart Award. Read more from our Fall 2016 Newsletter.



LakeSmart homes protect lakes by preventing pollution from stormwater and waste disposal systems.  These nonpoint sources of nutrient loading are the leading cause of water quality trouble in our lakes today.  Each LakeSmart visit provides the homeowner with an action plan for better lake protection.  And better lake protection is the same as better protection for the clear and healthy water loons need to survive, and for the very value of that lakefront home.

Awardees will be given the LoonSmart sticker showing a loon and baby chick which can be added to the LakeSmart Award signs of these outstanding lake stewards.  It will be available this summer through our lake association partners.

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