LakeSmart Program Director to Present to MEREDA

maggie_shannon_2015-10-08Maine lakes offer some of the most beautiful living and recreational spaces in the state. It’s no secret that waterfront property is highly valued, and the increasing cost of lakefront properties reflects our cultural attraction to water and the scenic beauty, solace, and recreational opportunities that our lakes provide. How lakeshore landowners manage their land directly influences the health of their lake and wellbeing of the surrounding community. Beyond the intrinsic value of keeping lake waters healthy and clean, there are also significant economic benefits such as high and stable property value and lakeshore property tax revenues that add to municipal tax bases, lakes as a drinking water source, and the healthy aquatic habitat that lakes provide for the fish and wildlife we enjoy watching, fishing or hunting.

Maine realtors and developers, with  a vested interest in the value of lakeshore properties and attractiveness of lake communities, understand these goods are increasingly linked to water quality. The LakeSmart Program, now in its third year under Maine Lakes Society management, is a tool that protects the lake, community health, and property values, too.  LakeSmart Program Director Maggie Shannon will be speaking at the Maine Real Estate and Development Association (MEREDA) breakfast on December 10, in Portland, to share information on the many benefits of landscaping that protects our lake waters from stormwater runoff that may carry pollutants and excess nutrients into the lake, and how the LakeSmart program is transforming the way lakefront properties are perceived and cared for.

For more information and to register, visit the MEREDA website!

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