There’s lots to learn about being LakeSmart, and you can pick up a great deal on your own!

Just click on Lake Association Resources under “Categories” on the right hand side of the home page.

You can also browse through the online resources listed here:

• Best Management Practices, otherwise known as ‘The BMP’s’: On your browser, go to and scroll down to Conservation Fact Sheet Series. The series contains illustrated instructions for most of the LakeSmart fixes.

• Low Impact Demo

• Certified contractors in your area: All earth moving activity within 250 feet from the high water line of great ponds must be done by a DEP certified contractor. It’s the law and it applies to all great ponds starting January 2013!

• Descriptions of native plants for varying conditions such as sun/shade, damp/dry locations:

• Maine Yardscaping Partnership:

• Solving Pest Problems:

• Choosing the right plant for the right place:

• Grass Seed sources:

• Building healthy soil and erosion control:

• Protecting Maine water quality:

• Sustainable landscape professional in your area: or

• Pesticide safety and rules:

• Maine Landscape professionals committed to ecological, sustainable products and practices in their work, Ecological Landscaping Association website:

• Gravel Road Maintenance Manual, Maine:

• Better Back Roads Manual, Vermont