LakeSmart Design Sheet

Sketch elements of the site on the grid below, be sure to include:



1)     Impervious areas: buildings, decks, driveways, parking, lawn area, paved paths or patios

2)     Recreational areas: lawn, play area, gardens, picnic or cookout area, boat storage

3)     Vegetation:  trees, shrubs, groundcover.  Note if duff layer remains.

4)     Septic system:  tank and leach field

5)     Erosion sources: bare soil, drip lines from roofs, signs of chronic erosion such as rills or channeling, paths that aren’t mulched and worn spots from foot traffic

6)     Best management practices: erosion control mulch, rain gardens, rain barrels, dripline trenches, water bars, rubber razors, infiltration steps, open-top culverts, turn-outs, berms etcetera



Property:_______________________  Lake:_______________________________


Screener/Evaluator:_____________________________   Volunteer? _______(Y/N)

Email: _________________________Host Group:__________________________

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