Frequently Asked Questions about LakeSmart

Frequently Asked Questions about LakeSmart

What is LakeSmart? 
LakeSmart is an education and reward program for lakefront property owners who maintain their homes in ways that protect lake water quality and property values.

What Does It Cost?
LakeSmart is the most cost-effective strategy that homeowners can use to protect their lake, their property’s value and their recreational activities. We currently provide this invaluable service for free, but welcome you to join Maine Lakes or make a gift to the program.

How long does it take? 
The LakeSmart visit takes less than an hour. You will be told right away whether you qualify for an Award or Commendation and you’ll also receive information about lake-friendly land practices and relevant web links.

How Can I Participate?
Contact Maggie at Maine Lakes Society (207) 495-2301 or  She will connect you with one of our trained volunteers who will assess your property. He or she will come to your home, evaluate its ability to prevent run-off and inputs of pollution, and report back to you. During the evaluation you will be able to walk the property with the volunteer and you’ll be given information on how to capture and infiltrate stormwater. LakeSmart is entirely voluntary, so you are free to take some of the recommended actions or not – it’s  completely up to you.

What’s the Matter with Stormwater?
Stormwater runoff ruins lakes! Erosion and sedimentation from shoreline development and camp roads are the major cause of smelly, cloudy water, algal blooms, fish kills, and water you wouldn’t want to swim in.

Tell Me More about the LakeSmart Visit
A trained volunteer will assess four areas of your property, starting at the driveway and working toward the shorefront. If your home scores well in all 4 categories, you will get the prestigious LakeSmart Award — two handsome blue and white signs for posting at the roadside and lakefront. If you pass in 1 to 3 LakeSmart categories, you will receive a Certificate of Commendation, helpful suggestions, and our thanks for caring about the lake. Whatever the outcome, you’ll learn how to become more lake-friendly, and that is just as important.

What’s the Payoff?
Research has shown that LakeSmart properties are as protective of water quality as undeveloped land. The benefits of managing the LakeSmart way are many:
• Clean, clear, healthy water
• Outstanding recreational opportunities
• High property values
• Abundant wildlife on land and in the water
• Successful local businesses
LakeSmart is a Program of the Maine Lakes Society – (207) 495-2301

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