2017 Plenary Speakers and Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Our keynote speaker, Dr. Kathleen Weathers, is helping unravel the mystery of sudden cyanobacterial blooms. She’ll tell how innovative citizen science led to the worldwide science network called GLEON,  Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network. Don’t miss her talk, “Ecological Puzzles and a Passion for Lakes:  Cyanobacteria, Sensors, Citizens and Scientists.

Distinguished Professor Dr. Ivan Fernandez of the Climate Change Institute and the School of Forest Resources at the University of Maine, will discuss the Forest to Freshwater Connection, and the role forests play in climate change adaption. Jennifer Jespersen of Ecological Instincts, is known to many of us through her work with lake groups doing watershed restoration. Jen will share how watershed survey projects build strong communities of volunteers united in the common cause of lake protection.

Afternoon workshops are all about supercharging your lake association and building community. Three successful lake associations will provide insider tips on building capacity, fundraising, and community outreach. Other offerings include advice on Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers, Loon Restoration, Improving Water Quality with Alewife Restoration and How Hooked on Fishing Inspires Youngsters, and much, much more!